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Meet James Kyrouz Jr.

James Kyrouz Jr., a native of Gloucester, MA, began teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in spring of 1997, first in a Massachusetts job training program and then for private ESL schools in the Boston area. Since 2008, he has specialized in teaching and coaching individual business and other professionals as well as students from all over the world in a private setting or on Skype.


James’ clients have included doctors, lawyers, and teachers, along with business owners and sales professionals. Students have come from MIT, Harvard, BU and other area colleges, in addition to students attending area ESL language schools.


James has expertise and experience in virtually every aspect of teaching the American-English language, specializing in speaking skills and pronunciation/accent reduction. Other areas include fluency development through the using of correct phrases and words, vocabulary and idioms, writing, and grammar through speaking and writing.


James’ life has always had an international flavor to it. His father came from a family of Lebanese immigrants, and his mother from Italian Sicilian immigrants. Both sets of grandparents arrived in the U.S. just before the beginning of the 20th Century. James grew up with the food and traditions of both Italy and Lebanon. Although he does not speak Italian or Arabic, he has an intermediate level of fluency in both Spanish and French. He also has knowledge of other languages, which assists him in his teaching.

As part of his studies at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, James spent a year studying at the University of Durham in Northern England before graduating cum laude from Holy Cross. He e-mails prospective students a copy of his resume, which details his extensive work experience as well as his education.


Prior to teaching ESL, James had a varied career as a high school English and History teacher, a meditation teacher, and an editor and writer, including as publisher and editor of his own publication. He also has experience in sales and marketing, which includes fund-raising.


In addition to James’ expertise in English and related areas, James has endeared himself to some of his students by sharing, as needed and appropriate, his extensive life experience and decision-making skills. Ever since he can remember, James has had a passion for helping and assisting others in any ways he could.


Of great importance, James’ students appreciate his ability to take them to higher and higher levels of English fluency, a reason that many of his current students have had continuous classes with James for one, two, or more years.

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