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FLUENCY DEVELOPMENT – Skype and in-Person Lessons 

Option A  

Sessions: 10 weeks

Length of class: 1 hour

Investment: $ 1,000.00

Option B  

Sessions: 10 weeks + one free*

Length of class: 2 hours

Investment: $ 1,700.00

*Free 11th class for 10 sessions completed in 12 weeks

This course revolves around the idea that the most telling sign of fluency is in the person’s ability to express exactly what he or she would like to say (or write), with the correct wording. Put more simply: knowing what to say and how to say it, knowing how to handle oneself in everyday situations, business situations, emotional situations – the list goes on. 

One of the most popular and appreciated benefits of working with James is that students begin (and/or continue) to climb the ladder of fluency.

James has a fairly quick answer and a solution for just about any situation requiring the use of correct English, with the exceptions being technical-type situations outside of his area of expertise. However, in those situations, as in all fluency-related situations, James works closely with the student to determine what he/she is trying to express. It is not long before James types up sentences, sometimes as part of scenarios, while the student looks on and, when ready, participates in the process.

James’ hands-on approach to teaching fluency – and to so many other aspects of English – allows students to learn how to do more and more for themselves, with the goal of not needing an English teacher again in the future.

Please note that the focus of the class can be on speaking and/or writing, with the opportunity to include a home program to advance listening comprehension as part of the course.

Any (optional) writing component usually involves the use of written work generated by the student, such as e-mails, reports, papers, etc. Grammar and pronunciation corrections are also provided, as needed, if desired by the student.

As with almost all of James’ classes, this fluency class has no curriculum. You benefit from James’ over 25 years of experience teaching ESL English, his sales and business experience (if or as needed), and his vast life experience (as desired). The result? A flexible and creative course gets organized, class by class, around your needs.

If you have been searching for that English teacher who can lead you to and through the door of fluency, who has many answers and can handle challenging questions, then James may very well be that person for you.

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