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The Kyrouz Method is a unique combination of approaches that changes the way most students view, understand, and practice English in their lives. There are many points and techniques related to pronunciation and speaking, along with philosophies, techniques, and activities to help students to pronounce, speak, and write correctly in English. Students improve other skills along the way.

Everything in class, including the answering of questions, is designed to help students in a variety of ways. Regardless of the skills being addressed, The Kyrouz Method utilizes philosophies, techniques, corrections, and other guidance to get students “unstuck” and moving forward to reach a higher level and fulfil their goals. During the free consultation, James provides examples of this while giving some experience of his teaching methods and style. 


Speaking activities to develop and advance fluency skills center around students, who work with James to speak about real-life circumstances (tailored to the students’ work/personal lives), according to the priorities expressed by the students. Accordingly, students can speak for longer or shorter periods of time, depending on their needs and the particular type of class activity. James gives feedback and types out the correct wording while answering questions and giving explanations, as needed. Students learn by doing, participating fully in the activities based on their skill levels and the particular plan for a given class.

People who have an urgency or desire to bring their fluency skills to a higher level also benefit from the Kyrouz Method, not only in speaking and pronunciation, but additionally through learning how to speak and write using exact wording, phrases, vocabulary, idioms, etc. This has proven to be especially helpful to those who encounter difficulties communicating in everyday situations as well as to those who are required to provide explanations, give presentations, and participate in regular meetings.

The Kyrouz Method also has approaches to listening skills for advanced and intermediate-level students, and for people who have not been able to improve their comprehension. Students do most of their comprehension-building work outside of class, carefully directed by James, using his materials, videos, and links designed to speed up listening comprehension over time. This approach allows students to make progress on their own in the future, as needed.

James has a lot of experience teaching English, and he is always prepared to lead students in new directions at the right times. Although his methodology has some structure built into the process, he prides himself on his creativity and spontaneity, in addition to an ability to think well on his feet.


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