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ADVANCED English - SKYPE and in-Person Lessons 

Option A  

Sessions: 10 weeks

Length of class: 1 hour

Investment: $ 1,000.00

Option B  

Sessions: 10 weeks + one free*

Length of class: 2 hours

Investment: $ 1,700.00

*Free 11th class for 10 sessions completed in 12 weeks

Have you been at English a long time and yet still feel that you can’t quite bring yourself to a higher level, hard as you try? Are you confused about what that next level is and how to get there? There is no need to go it alone. James can help. His specialty is targeting the needs of professionals and students like you and finding solutions.


In this course, you will have the opportunity to explore fluency at the highest levels -- from finding the exact words and expressions you will need to express your ideas to making your pronunciation more relaxed and Americanized, from urgent grammar corrections to writing that you will make you confident.


An advanced listening program is also available as part of this program. It will largely be based on work outside of class.


James has considerable experience working successfully with advanced-level students, including business executives, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. He enjoys challenging students and being challenged, answering all kinds of questions, almost always spontaneously.

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