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PERSONAL GROWTH – Private Lessons

In addition to his many years as an English as a Second Language teacher, James Kyrouz has devoted much of his time to personal development, something which has not gone unnoticed by many of his students who have benefited from unexpected but welcomed nuggets of his wisdom and advice.

The Personal Growth class is an option for native speakers of English as well as international speakers of English. Those seeking improvement in English should choose English and Personal Growth if they would simultaneously like to improve English skills.

This is a relaxed but intensive interactive class that allows students to speak about life and personal issues while learning more about spiritual (not religious) approaches/philosophies/ideas that can improve everyday life and also help with short- and long-term goals. 

James answers students’ questions while providing ideas, practical solutions, and useful information based on their needs as well as his varied experiences and knowledge gained over the years. Beyond all of that, James offers students specific techniques and instructions as needed to enhance and advance a person’s life while working to overcome challenges and eliminate moments of feeling overwhelmed. In addition, students learn how to tap inner guidance and make better decisions for their precious lives.

If you have family and/or friends who would like to join you in this class, James can work with a small group of 3-4 people on Skype or in-person at a reduced rate.

If you feel as if something has been missing in your life, or that there is a deeper “something” that has been evading you, then you should consider requesting a free consultation with James to discuss this exciting, innovative, and unique course.

Sessions: 10 weeks + one free*

Length of class: 2 hours 

Total Investment: $1,700.00 


* *Free 11th class for 10 sessions completed in 12 weeks

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