BUSINESS FLUENCY – Skype and in-Person Lessons 

Sessions: 10 weeks + one free*

Length of class: 2 hours

Investment: $ 1,200.00

*Free 11th class for 10 sessions completed in 12 weeks

In Meeting

This course can be a godsend for the businessman/woman (or an aspiring future one) that needs to know exactly what to say in some business situations, perhaps including correspondence, such as e-mail.

The class is similar to Fluency Development except the focus is mainly on business interactions and dealings, possibly incorporating the use of the telephone and diversified forms of communication.

Individuals who need assistance with presentations and speeches will most likely find this class helpful.

Because James has some experience with sales and business, he is happy to teach approaches to small talk and small talk content, if needed.  He also has experience with selling and closing techniques as well as fund-raising.

As with almost all of James’ classes, this fluency class has no curriculum. You benefit from James’ over 21 years of experience teaching ESL English, his sales and business work (if or as needed), and his vast life experience (as desired). The result? A flexible and creative course gets organized, class by class, around your needs.

This course is not recommended as a starting place for those who have challenging accent and pronunciation problems unless the focus will be strictly on writing. Those prospective students would be better beginning with the accent reduction course.

If you have been searching for that English teacher who can lead you to and through the door of fluency, who has many answers and can handle challenging questions about English that may help you go further in the business world, then James may very well be that person for you.