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just accent reduction – Skype and in-Person Lessons 

While everyone wants to overcome challenges and correct specific pronunciation problems, some people would like to speak English with a smoother, more native-sounding accent. Many of them are incredibly successful people. For whatever reason, they have not gotten their pronunciation and accent to a level that is comfortable for them, not to mention the impact they sense it has on co-workers and other people around them. In some cases, the pronunciation is good, but students would like to achieve near-native fluency.

Both of the above situations bring great challenges while requiring patience, along with a commitment to practicing at home outside of class. In some cases, this can be a long-term process, lasting a year or longer.

James Kyrouz has created a unique system and a way of teaching that does not simply teach sounds and ways of moving the mouth. Among other things, James creates his own individual word configurations to deal with problem words and teaches students unique ways to use some vowel sounds to imitate speakers of American English. 

James’ approach goes beyond the methods described above, however, and shows students a new way of looking at English that gives a feeling for and deeper understanding of how English really sounds. Beginning to implement and experience this “new way” in their own speaking for many people is unlike anything they have ever experienced in English before.

Some methodologies involved: Speaking, reading aloud, and repetition, along with specific techniques that can be practiced during the daily business of life. The international alphabet is not used. 

These exciting courses are recommended for those who enjoy a more spontaneous but sustained approach that focuses on needs of the individual student(s) while in most cases bringing much better than expected results over time.

Option A  

Sessions: 10 weeks

Length of class: 1 hour

Investment: $ 1,000.00

Option B  

Sessions: 10 weeks + one free*

Length of class: 2 hours

Investment: $ 1,700.00

*Free 11th class for 10 sessions completed in 12 weeks

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